raisehandThe Alexander Robertson School is a co-educational Junior-Kindergarten through 5th Grade community of creative learners. We welcome families of every configuration, ethnicity, and religious tradition and believe that empowerment and education go hand in hand.

A Welcome from our Head of School, Irwin Shlachter:

I am delighted to welcome you to the Alexander Robertson School. Since becoming Head of what we refer to as this “little gem” of a school in 2014, and becoming acquainted with the many families, teachers, and Heads, who have come before me, I have witnessed the deep affection felt for this wonderful school from the Upper West Side to the world at large. I believe that this is a testament to ARS’s nurturing, caring and encouraging philosophy.

Our founders instituted ARS in 1789 with the purpose of educating the sons and daughters of common folk. ARS was designed to have an impact on its social environment by educating children from diverse backgrounds to advocate for themselves and their communities. This ambition speaks to the international historical context out of which our school emerged, and to the values our school maintains today.

In 1789, George Washington became president, the French Revolution reached a watershed with the storming of the Bastille, and Scotland, the mother country of Alexander Robertson, was in the midst of an intellectual enlightenment. This moment signaled a turn in European intellectual history toward the prioritization of critical reasoning, scientific thought and the idea of the humanities as a path to a stronger more egalitarian democracy.

ARS takes pride in teaching the same critical reasoning, scientific and language skills that have long been associated with this democratic value. Today, the progressive, humanist spirit of late 18th century Scotland emerges as a vital impetus to those who shape and will go onto shape modern American society in the future. I strongly believe a child who learns ethical values, and the ability to listen and reason well in their early education is best positioned to become one of these future leaders.

At ARS we believe in creating environments for young students that balance structure and independence – a balance that allows each child to express themselves in as many ways as possible. Our dedicated teachers foster students’ individual learning styles so they remain curious, confident learners and develop into effective, innovative thinkers. As such, our students learn that asking the right questions is just as important as knowing the answers. Together, we work towards a school in which learning and teaching are enjoyable, rewarding and affirming.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person, to show you around and to tell you more about the Alexander Robertson School. Please call or email to set up a visit.

Warmest regards,


Irwin Shlachter
Head of the Alexander Robertson School.

Our Mission Is

  • To promote self-confidence that comes from mastered skills
  • To provide sufficient intellectual challenge through robust curricula
  • To stress high standards in all activities while using developmentally appropriate practice
  • To encourage and involve the students in opportunities for service
  • To provide structure in the daily schedule and in the curricula
  • To utilize the cultural resources available in New York City
  • Our Philosophy

    Asked whether we are a traditional or a progressive school we generally answer: yes! Our students wear traditional school uniforms. Nice behavior and respect for one another’s thoughts and feelings is a strong focus. We are very comfortable with imparting a sense of order and structure. However, we are progressive when it comes to our curricular choices. Being small we are nimble enough to take advantage of an extraordinary educational opportunity when it presents itself. We are also very creative in the ways we encourage the students to express themselves. We support the children’s learning through interdisciplinary programming, music, the arts, community service, and physical education. Above all we strive to model, encourage and practice good ethical and moral principles. Responsible and sensitive interactions with others is a high priority for the whole community.

    Our History

    The Alexander Robertson School was one of the first schools to be established in New York City. It was founded in 1789 to educate the sons and daughters of farmers and “common folk” so that they could become effective citizens in the newly created United States of America. ARS was started by the Second Presbyterian Church, then known locally as “The Scots Church” because of the high numbers of Scots in its congregation, and the successful merchant, Alexander Robertson, for whom the school is named. Robertson donated $500 to establish the school. A princely sum in those days.

    At that time Scotland had one of the highest literacy rates of any country in the world and education was (and still is) highly valued by the Scots. They were also keenly aware of the need to check the power of former British elites if the newly formed republic was to endure as a true democracy. For the Church elders the only honorable route into the power structure was through education.

    To this day the Alexander Robertson School continues its commitment to give a voice to all its students regardless of their socio-economic or cultural background which is why we say that this is a school where empowerment and education go hand in hand.

    Our Location

    Located at 3 West 95th Street just steps away from Central Park the Alexander Robertson School offers many wonderful opportunities for play, for nature walks, for visiting the Central Park Zoo, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and some of the world’s most important cultural institutions.

    It is also easily accessed via the 96th Street Transverse from Manhattan’s East side.

    The B and C subway trains stop right by our door and the 1, 2 and 3 trains just a couple of blocks West on Broadway and 96th Street.

    Coming by bus? Take the M7, M10, M11 to 94th or 96th Street or take the M96 to Central Park West.

    Contact Us

    Alexander Robertson School
    3 West 95th Street
    New York, NY 10025
    Main Office
    (212) 663-6441

    (212) 663-2844

    Human Resources

    Parents' Association

    Meet Our Board

    Dr. Richard Soghoian

    Dr. Richard Soghoian has been Headmaster of Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School since 1981 and is largely responsible for the School’s expansion over the last 35 years. Dr. Soghoian took over at CGPS in the same year that our new Head, Irwin Shlachter, took over the Rodelph Shalom School. Together these two educators have made an indelible impression on the independent school community of the Upper West Side and on the city at large. Richard is also the author of Mind the Gap - An Insider's Irreverent Look at Private School Finances and Management - a highly acclaimed work on private school and college financing and administration.

    Dr. Lydia Spinelli

    Dr Lydia Spinelli is the Director of the Brick Church School. Dr. Spinelli has been a close colleague and friend to the Reverend Leslie Merlin since the two women worked together at Brick Church in the years prior to Leslie’s being installed as Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church. The Brick Church School, founded in 1940, was the second early childhood school in the state to be accredited by NYSAIS. Lydia served on the Accreditation Commission and Professional Development Committee of NYSAIS for 8 years. She initiated and chairs an annual NYSAIS conference for Early Childhood Directors and Lower School Heads. She founded and directs Summer Steps, a summer program for low income students entering or applying to independent school kindergartens.

    Ronald P. Stewart

    Ronald P. Stewart is the founder and Headmaster of the York Preparatory School. A former British Barrister, Ronald, along with his wife, Jayme Stewart, who is a nationally recognized leader in college guidance and placement, founded York Prep in 1969. Since its inception, York Prep has been a traditional college preparatory school that provides outstanding learning support to all its students. The school’s college placement outcomes are amongst the best in the country. Located on West 68th Street near Central Park West, York Prep is another Upper West Side private school success story.

    Carol Feinberg

    Carol Feinberg has held several senior-management positions with prominent retail corporations but for the last 15 years has put her executive skills to work in a variety of philanthropic pursuits. A nationally recognized leader in marketing (by Advertising Age magazine) and a successful start-up entrepreneur, Carol serves on the Boards of the Smithsonian Science Education Center (alongside Irwin Shlachter) and Stephen Gaynor School. She is the former Board Chair of both CityArts, a youth-empowerment public art program, and the Columbus, OH Symphony Orchestra.

    Kristin Leesment

    Kristin Leesment is Director of Development at the Alzheimer’s Foundation. She has extensive experience in the philanthropic community having worked for organizations as diverse as the China Institute and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. Kristin has also worked for Save the children, amfAR and ProLiteracy Worldwide.
    She is a former ARS parent and a Trustee of the Second Presbyterian Church. She was very involved in the work of the search committee which reviewed over 100 applications for the post of our new Head of School.

    Elaine Song

    Elaine Song is the Legal Editor at the New York Law Journal where she revises expert analysis articles submitted by attorneys. She is also a former adjunct lecturer in Journalism at Queens College, CUNY. Elaine obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her Law Degree from Northeastern Law School in Boston. She has been a member of the Second Presbyterian Church for 10 years and a Deacon since 2007. She is currently Head Deacon and the Chair of the Church’s strategic planning committee.

    Nancy Ireland

    Nancy Ireland is a special educator who is working as a Special Education Itinerant Teacher(SEIT). She is also an Adjunct Faculty member at CCNY. Nancy is a career changer having worked in the corporate world as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley and as an insurance underwriter at both Travelers and CNA before going into education. She has an MBA in finance from Fordham Graduate School of Business and a Master's of Science in Education from Bank Street College of Education. She has professional certification in early childhood, students with disabilities and students with severe and multiple disabilities which she received after completing an Autism Annotation course study at Bank Street College of Education. Nancy is married to her husband, Gary and they have two children, Bryan and Sydney. Bryan graduated from ARS. Both Gary and Nancy have been long term supporters of the school.

    Nancy M. Hughes

    Nancy M. Hughes, ACSW, LCSW-R is the Faculty Advisor & Grant Liaison at Hunter College School of Social Work where she advises MSW students selected for trauma focused training. A mental health professional since 1997, Nancy has also enjoyed a career in interactive multimedia design and video production.
    Nancy is the Clerk of the Session of the Second Presbyterian Church.

    Diane Hulse

    Diane Hulse recently retired from the Headship of Staten Island Academy Diane has taken up a career in organizational consulting and leadership development for nonprofits. She has more than 35 years of leadership experience at independent schools such as Friends Seminary, the Collegiate School and Rutgers Prep. Diane serves on the board of NYSAIS and has chaired numerous accreditation committees. As a member of the NYSAIS Commission she has reviewed every independent school in New York State. Diane’s board service includes: The Guild of Independent Schools of New York City, Boys Schools: An International Coalition, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Project Hospitality, and the Caedmon School.

    Melani Nardone

    Melani Nardone has been a grassroots advocate for children and animals for over twenty years. Her desire to improve opportunities for children keeps her active on the board of La Palestra Kids, a program that provides nutrition, exercise and socialization intervention for at risk children in Manhattan. As a passionate advocate for animal welfare she has represented the Greyhound Welfare Foundation, a California based national non-profit group, as its spokesperson in all press and media venues, including televised and radio interviews and investigative reports in print publications. Her research and development of fact based educational literature is currently in use by animal welfare organizations nationwide. Melani is currently pursuing an MA and Ph.D in Anthrozoology (2019) at the University of Exeter in England. She shares her life with a patient husband, teenage daughter and two rescued dogs, Alice and Bubs. She enjoys long distance endurance events aspiring to complete a swim marathon at some point in her life.

    Kenneth B. Miller

    Kenneth B. Miller, is an executive with an online education company, where he manages a research contract with the Department of Defense and a start-up work-life services division. He has spent 38 years volunteering at the Smithsonian—on the National Board where he was founding co-chair of the Education Committee; as board chair of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum; and as chief strategist for SSEC (formerly the National Science Resources Center). He works for Tutor.com, and is a board member at the American Foundation for the Blind, UrbanBioRecovery, and Sessions College for Professional Design, organizations that have given him a broad range of strategic and tactical experience. Mr. Miller has an A.B. in the Philosophy of Science and Logic from Princeton University. He lives in New York with his wife and middle-school-aged son.

    Sam Rittenberg

    Sam Rittenberg, is a Certified Financial Planner, recently retired. Prior to establishing his practice 25 years ago he was the Executive Vice President of Victoria Hotels where he still serves as an advisor. Sam currently serves as a member of the board of Aqualibrium, LLC and as President of his West End Avenue Condominium Association. He lives on the Upper West Side with his wife Evelyn. They have two children of whom they are deeply proud. Both Josh and Hannah had the very good fortune of having Irwin Shlachter as their Headmaster at the Rodeph Sholom School. Joshua went on to thrive and prosper under the Stewardship of our Board member Richard Soghoian at Columbia Prep as did Hannah did under the stewardship of Board Member Ronald Stewart at York Prep.

    Asumana Jabateh Randolph

    Asumana Jabateh Randolph, is the brain behind the I-HELP Liberia Project, a US based organization, that takes American students and scientists to Liberia to train science teachers and encourage Liberian students to excel in science and math. I-HELP also supports several Liberian schools by providing laboratory equipment and curricular expertise. In June, 2015 the I-HELP Project hosted the first annual Liberia Science Bowl competition involving over 100 Liberian science and math students, and a 10 day science and math workshop for 20 Liberian teachers.
In addition to his work in science education, Asunama is also the advisor of the African Youth Association of USA, a board member of the Liberian Mandingo Association of New York, and a former board member of the United Nimba Citizens Council.

    Asumana has been the coach of the Hunter College High School Science Bowl Team since 1993 and loves to boast of winning four straight regional championships. He is also the School’s varsity soccer coach and led the team to win the New York City High School Soccer championship in 2010-2011.

    Eli Lederman

    Eli Lederman, is the youngest of four Lederman brothers who attended ARS in the 1960's and 70's. Later a graduate in physics from Brown University, he received a Ph.D at NYU before spending two years as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard. With a transition to investment banking,

    Eli started and ran innovative businesses in electronic trading and financial technology.

    From 2007 until the company's sale in 2010, he was the founding chief executive of a pan-European stock market. He has been a landscaper and a lifeguard, prep cook and head cook, teacher and professor, semiconductor engineer and salesman; he has washed dishes and bused tables, painted houses, delivered flowers and tended bar, among other jobs. He is the author of two novels, HIGH FINANCE and FROM PILLAR TO POST. Since 2001, Eli has lived in England with his wife and three children.

    Clayton Young

    Clayton Young, is an Assistant Treasurer and Director of Investments of Exelis Inc. responsible for the investment and management of over $7 billion in defined benefit and defined contribution assets and the procurement of Exelis’ corporate insurance. Prior to the spin-off of Exelis from ITT Corporation in 2011, Mr. Young was Director of Investments at ITT. During his tenure at ITT, the pension management team was awarded Institutional Investor Magazine’s Plan Sponsor of the Year award in 2005, Alternative Investment News’ Hedge Fund Award for Institutional Investor of the Year for 2006 and was also nominated for Institutional Investor’s Corporate Hedge Fund Investor for 2007 and 2009. Mr. Young serves on several Investor Advisory Boards for Exelis’ Pension Plan’s Limited Partnership Investments. In 2008, Mr. Young was part of the team that was given the Harold S. Geneen Award for Team Achievement, the highest award granted by ITT. Prior to his position as Director of Investments at ITT, Mr. Young held positions in corporate finance, cash management and insurance.

    Mr. Young serves on the West Side YMCA’s Finance Committee, the Investment Committee of the YMCA of Greater New York, and is President of the Board of Trustees of Second Presbyterian Church, located on the Upper West Side. Mr. Young received his BA with honors in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA in Management and Finance from the Wharton School.

    Bram Lewis

    Bram Lewis, Chair of the School Committee, is a theatrical director and producer. He was the founder and artistic director of the Westchester based Phoenix Theatre Company and has served on the Stratford Shakespeare Theater’s board. Bram’s long association with John Barton of the Royal Shakespeare Company led him to produce Shakespearean workshops at both BAM and the Public Theatres. Bram led the search committee that reviewed over 100 applications for the post of Head of School and is delighted that Irwin Shlachter has taken up the appointment. Bram is also an Elder of the Second Presbyterian Church and a member of its strategic planning committee.