"My son went to school in Cambridge, UK and both my children were in International schools. However, I have never found any teacher and administration to take so much care as you do. I have gone through my daughter's work and Mrs. Yi has helped her immensely to become the writer that she is today. I am indebted to ARS.."— ARS Parent


Being a small school allows us to be dynamic with our curricular offerings.
Our selection by the Smithsonian Science Education Center as the first school in New York State to teach its Science and Technology Concepts curriculum is a perfect example of how nimbly ARS can adopt an innovative program when the opportunity arises.ARS - Architectural Projects May 2015 by Romina Hendlin_141 This seamless Pre-K through 5th Grade curriculum helps cultivate ‘scientific habits of the mind’ which the students carry from science and math subjects through to their humanities subjects. Reasoning and inquiry become a part of the way that they process all information. The wildly popular Singapore Math program rounds out our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math offerings.


Best private elementary schoolARS uses the Columbia Teacher’s College Reading and Writing program as the basis of our progress based English Language Arts curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop their own voice and to express themselves in any way that they can as they develop reading and writing skills.

Social Studies

Nurturing School in Upper West SideThrough our highly acclaimed History Alive program we see young minds light up as they make connections across different subject areas. Attending a school that was founded the same year that George Washington became President helps our students make connections across the centuries too.


Rosetta Stone French Program Our French program is taught three times a week. The children learn about French customs and culture and use the highly regarded Rosetta Stone self-paced, online language program both in school and at home. We have an annual Jour de Fete at which our families join in celebrating all things French.


Empowerment Through Education Previously a separate program our unique Everyday Ethics curriculum is now infused into all that we do. The children are encouraged to be kind and empathetic to others. They learn tips on emotion management, conflict resolution and cooperative life skills. Coupled with good old-fashioned manners and civility, these skills help our students gain self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.