"My son went to school in Cambridge, UK and both my children were in International schools. However, I have never found any teacher and administration to take so much care as you do. I have gone through my daughter's work and Mrs. Yi has helped her immensely to become the writer that she is today. I am indebted to ARS.."— ARS Parent

Our Curriculum

At the Alexander Robertson School we foster creative, independent and critical thinking within a structured framework. Through our integrated and hands-on approach, the children experience the satisfaction of learning while developing their intellects along with meaningful skills.  
We have the flexibility of pursuing topics that are of interest to our teachers and students.  We realize that the first years of a child’s academic life are crucial in establishing positive attitudes and the willingness to learn, which will support their academic and personal success throughout their lives.  


Being a small school allows us to be dynamic with our curricular offerings. Our selection by the Smithsonian Science Education Center as the first school in New York State to teach its Science and Technology Concepts curriculum is a perfect example of how nimbly ARS can adopt an innovative program when the opportunity arises. ARS - Architectural Projects May 2015 by Romina Hendlin_141 This seamless Junior-K through 5th Grade curriculum helps cultivate ‘scientific habits of the mind’ which the students carry from science and math subjects through to their humanities subjects. Reasoning and inquiry become a part of the way that they process all information. At ARS science activities encourage the students to explore, investigate and observe. We use the Envisions and Singapore Math programs to round out our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math offerings.


Best private elementary schoolARS uses the Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing program as the basis of our progress-based English Language Arts curriculum. We focus on building the essential skills of literacy.
In our Reading Workshop program we use mini-lessons to develop strong comprehension skills while our Writer’s Workshop gives students experience in revising, editing and publishing their written work.
Students are encouraged to develop their own voice and to express themselves in any way that they can, as they develop both their reading, writing and composing skills.

Social Studies

Nurturing School in Upper West SideSocial studies introduce children to the cause/effect relationships of history, and the impact of geography on the development of cultures, while examining current events in our country and in the rest of the world.  At ARS we feel that young learners need to engage in opportunities to make daily decisions about democratic concepts that are respectful to the dignity and rights of individuals and the common good.  Throughout all the grades, the students have an appreciation and understanding of different peoples and the unifying elements of history, geography, traditions and values. Our course of study progresses from the family, community, New York City and world cultures through the effects of cross-cultural contact in the Age of Exploration and the history of the United States.


Rosetta Stone French Program Our students are introduced to French beginning in Junior K and their instruction continues through Fifth Grade.   In addition to the formal instruction, the children use music, theater and field trips to enhance their experiences with the French language. We have an annual Jour de Fete at which our families join in celebrating all things French.


Empowerment Through Education Our unique Everyday Ethics curriculum is now incorporated into all that we do. The children are encouraged to be kind and empathetic to others. They learn tips on emotion management, conflict resolution and cooperative life skills. Coupled with good old-fashioned manners and civility, these skills help our students gain self-confidence and a sense of responsibility for the world they live in.