Love is in the Air

Love is a good topic for the month of February. It is the essential ingredient in bringing up and in teaching children. Unconditional love is the wellspring of openness to learning. Even more damaging than poverty, hunger, illness or even homelessness in childhood is lovelessness. Love is what provides children the strength and resilience to withstand whatever adversity they encounter.

Love is not usually the same elixir for adults, primarily because unconditional love is rare in relationships other those that between a young child and their guardian adult. Love in childhood is the best preparation there is for a life of happiness. Love can come from anyone, a parent, a guardian, a sibling, an adult relative, a teacher, a friend. Our society is just coming to terms with ever broadening concepts of what loving relationships entail and how they should be defined. Loving relationships should be cherished, not judged.

Send Valentines and loving thoughts with wild abandon this month, it will do your own heart a world of good.