Too Old for Preschool, Too Young for Kindergarten?

Junior-Kindergarten Might Be the Answer

The JK program was perfect for our son who has an August birthday. It supported his social-emotional development beautifully and, at the same time, he was able to participate in Math with the Kindergarteners because that is an area he is advanced in.” — Nathan’s Mom.

The Alexander Robertson School’s Junior-Kindergarten class is for children who may not need another year of preschool but are not yet old enough to enter Kindergarten. Or for a child with a late birthdate who could enter Kindergarten but would benefit from an additional year of preparation.

Children must be 4 years old by January 1, 2021 to enter our JK in September 2020.

Because this Junior-Kindergarten class is in an on-going school it is academically more challenging than a typical 4-year-old program in a preschool setting. The Junior-Kindergarten students also benefit from doing activities alongside the Kindergarteners because the older children model good behaviors, skills, and abilities that our JK-ers are quick to emulate.

The ARS JK is a full-day program in which the students participate in all of the programs that the school offers including: Music, French, Art, Physical Education, Mandarin, Ethics and Library class.

We have a maximum of 10 children in the JK class so each student can receive individualized attention and instruction.

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